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Born to Create

Today, at our first Creative Movement Pop Up event, we gather to create, to put the ideas inside of us out into the atmosphere and inspire. When God created us, He created us each with unique gifts specific to us that cannot be replicated by someone else. Sometimes we find ourselves trying to fit ourselves into someone else’s box, method, or delivery, in turn

stifling ourselves and our creativity. I see each of our creative gifts as a part of the body, the body of Christ. One person the painter, the other a poet, and so on, each working together to fulfill its purpose here on Earth. When one person is not operating in their unique gifts and calling, or trying to fit it into someone else’s box, the whole body is stifled and limited. The point of this, is that we need YOU. The world needs you and what’s inside of you. In Genesis the Lord created the heavens and the Earth, He created night and day, plants, and animals. That very spirit that was in Him to create the ground you walk on, the sun that shines on you, is the same Spirit that lives in YOU. Let that sink in for a minute. The same power that created the Heaven and Earth is in you and is ready to create and bring to fruition the ideas inside of you.

Now I want to speak to the people who have the ideas, the creativity, and who have maybe even started creating, but don’t see the impact they are maybe expecting. I’m here to encourage you to not quit. It’s inside of you for a reason and you have the ideas for a reason. If I’ve learned anything on my journey with God is that timing is everything. The Lord is so gracious to bring about the fruition of things at a time that is GOOD for us. A time that is prepared and will produce much fruit. This may not look like our timeline. But in this space, we can lean into that feeling of frustration and find His faithfulness, goodness, protection, sovereignty, and understanding. We can seek understanding of the why behind the wait. I’ve found that often times the waiting is to allow the space for process, the space for preparation so that I can receive the promise and gift in fullness. But my friend, please remember, the Lord is faithful.

I see each of us operating in our gifts as almost the image of a circus. Many people view that from a negative connotation. But in a circus each act is doing something so unique and special. When all of these gifts are put together a display of unique splendor is created. People are in awe, astounded, and moved. That’s how I view the body of Christ and each of us operating in our gifts- a beautiful display of His splendor and glory. One that will leave people moved and touched.

These days I find many of us trying to get our gift to fit into someone else’s mold or way of doing it, instead of letting our gift be uniquely ours. We push our song to sound like what we hear on the radio, we get our writing to sound like the devotionals we read, sometimes from a place of using these as a resource to learn, but in other times being too scared to let our gift be different and ours. When the Lord created you He created no one else like you. No one has your same make up, personality, traits, or physical characteristics and our gifts are no different. Your gifts and creative spaces are no different.

They have YOUR story on them, something the world needs.

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