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Willingness. It’s something we are when we allow ourselves to be open-handed in our journeys. We are open to the Lord’s hands moving in ways we did not think of. It is being open to distractions so that we can see the purpose behind them. It is being satisfied even when your situation does not look as you planned. Willingness creates a beautiful foundation for us to trust and be present in the spaces we end up in. Our journeys are not linear, but rather they ebb and flow as we need. Therefore, it is important for us to stay willing so that we can continue living in the fullness that the Lord has predestined for us!

A few Sundays ago, we talked about this very topic, and we came to the realization that when our hearts and minds are in a posture of willingness, we open ourselves up to an atmosphere of newness and abundance. It allows us to really receive with an openness that sustains our very being.

You see, when we are constantly patterned to reject the things that aren’t as we envisioned, we close ourselves off to the possibility of a new level of fullness. However, when we combine our faith in the Lord with a willing posture, we are making way for not only ourselves to grow, but for our minds to prosper in every season. In fact, you are made to be an all-season being… unshakable, ever-growing, and flourishing without cease. It’s who you are by nature!

For so long, we have waited until we got clear answers, confirmation, and visions to move forward in situations where we can so easily make level decisions in that are still aligned with bringing glory to the Lord. Although I believe that to be valid in specific situations throughout our lives, I also think the Lord is waiting for us to be willing to step into the authority that is placed within us. We have the Spirit flowing through our very veins! Be willing to allow yourself the space to be who you already are by design!

We also have the tendency to wait until we are ‘qualified’ to live out the abundance and purpose on our lives. However, the Father does far more with a willing heart. Stop chasing qualifications and start being open to what may come your way! The road

blocks in your path, the hardships that arise, the discomfort in the treasured places… all of that only brings pressure to bring to pass the desires of your heart! No, not everything is for you, but you do have the discernment and access to understand those situations as they come. Ask the Father with an openness to receive his responses. Your identity is what qualifies you… you already have the all-access pass!

The entire premise of the topic is to be open. Break down your structures and welcome the unfamiliar as it comes. It truly is allowing ourselves the space to see more clearly and not completely writing off things that we are unsure of. The reality is that sometimes our desires come in packages that we don’t recognize. If we don’t start softening our hearts to what the Lord is showing us, we will miss it.

Become soft, but sensitive to the Spirit.

Become open, but with discernment.

Become willing with your journey in mind.

This willingness will make you excited again. Your desires will not seem so distant. The rain will begin to feel purposeful. The flowers will bloom and flourish. Willingness takes effort to choose something other than what we have known, but the known will only get us in the places we already are! Be willing to do something different so that you receive something different! The box you placed yourself in unknowingly has only dimmed the light inside.

When we restrain ourselves from labeling people and situations, we start to see the beauty that was always there. This is the world the Lord desires to show you most—a world of color that is not discounted, but priceless!

Can you see it?

Can you feel the warmth starting to shape the views you see?

Can you sense the journey becoming full of excitement again?

Your willingness is what the Lord desires most. The condition of your heart is what determines what you are ready for next!

Be willing, beloved. The Father works wonders in the midst of this very posture.


I started a writing page, if you are interested in tagging along with me in this beautiful journey of life! My account can be found @freed.inspirations on Instagram where I share all things life, love, identity, and freedom! I would love for you to be apart of my little word ministry!! - Emma Mieth

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