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Tearing someone else down will never be attractive or considered valuable.

In fact, we are all equals. People of all kinds were created with such in

tent and beauty that nothing could ever add or take away our value. We question our value because of past traumas and things of that nature, but also because we place our perception of ourselves into the hands of those that don't even

understand themselves. I will never be for the negativity of others, regardless of the place it's coming from or the situation at hand. Building people up is the best way to change an outcome in a positive light.

Be mindful of how you talk to others. There is power in the words you speak. My heart desperately aches for those that are on the receiving end of remarks that cut deep, but my heart also longs for those making the comments to be awakened to who they really are.

The things we do are nothing compared to who we are. Doing will never ever be more important than the person you are at

heart. You are seen without the extra activities and successes you have. Even when you "mess up", you are seen without flaw and loved the same. We cannot receive value

from our accomplishments. They are only meant to compliment you as a person. YOU are worth much more than the riches of this world.

I see you and love you wherever you are, but more importantly, I hope you do the same for yourself.

The culture that has been instilled into us through most systems and education is unreal. It goes against the very essence of who we are. We are taught that if we do not succeed or have a linear lifestyle (graduate, go to college, get a job, get married, etc. & in that order), we have failed. We have to break the cycle. We have to understand that living life isn't supposed to be us being slaves to the society we live in. Rather, living life means thriving with a heart full of integrity, love, creativity, and unending amounts of grace.

It's freedom. True freedom.

Until we wake up and look outside what is familiar, we will only see what we want to see. In those spaces, there are restrictions and limitations that dictate how far you can go, which leads us to believe we cannot be of greater value… and that is far from the truth. Rather, freedom empowers who you are at heart. It swirls into every space we are apart of and builds us up to be in unity with one another and takes us beyond what we see. Freedom encourages us to dream and be an active piece that allows them to come to pass. Dreams created and fulfilled in full is our inheritance and destiny.

Plain and simple, the truth is that you are not your mistakes or your successes. You are not just some ordinary person who lives to survive. You are an extraordinary person that was designed so purposefully with love that your very presence is the light to this world. Please don't forget that for yourself and those around

you. Let's not get so caught up in the routines of life that we lose ourselves in the process.

Be free!


I started a writing page, if you are interested in tagging along with me in this beautiful journey of life! My account can be found @freed.inspirations on Instagram where I share all things life, love, identity, and freedom! I would love for you to be apart of my little word ministry!!

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