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Why do we celebrate Easter?

We say Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day. We feel all the emotions because how can one endure so much pain? All these things are accurate, but they are deeper than what we hear about and read about in the physical. Spiritually, Jesus’ resurrection was done to symbolize the new covenant that we live in today. This covenant is based purely on LOVE and not on past LAW. When Jesus died on the cross, He died with our sin, making us clean and pure FOREVER. We say we are sinners all the time, but I refuse to believe it because that would mean we are rejecting what Jesus paid for. It’s almost as if on Easter we live in the new covenant and everyday after we live in the old covenant. How crazy! There is a deeper meaning to the resurrection. The new covenant means our nature is GOOD when we accept Him and walk in it. More than anything, we have FULL access to the Father through relationship! We are ONE with Him through Jesus. He lives inside of us and inhales and exhales in sync with us. His nature and presence is engrained into us and cannot be separated like oil and water. We beat ourselves down because we mess up from time to time, but God just longs for us to tap back into the righteousness we embody. This new covenant is about leaving behind all restraints and limitations that are talked about in the Old Testament and part of the new. The rules, blessings and curses, laws, sins, etc. are now completely wiped away. They are not ours to walk in. They are read to see the goodness of God in full. They are a part of the testimony of the way Jesus has paved the way for abundance and for uncensored relationship with the Father. What a gift!! There are so many beautiful truths that come with Easter, but it does not have to be Easter Sunday to remember and walk in the light He has released so long ago. Below are some truths that I believe God wants to bring to your attention to unlock freedom in your life. I believe chains will fall as you soak in His truth and meditate on them.

  • You are made pure.

  • You are healed.

  • You are forgiven.

  • You are forever loved by God.

  • You are saved forever after accepting Him and nothing can undo it.

  • You are holy and righteous.

  • Your nature is now God’s nature.

  • You are a new creation.

  • You are one with God.

  • You are NOT a sinner. You are a son/daughter.

  • You are precious in His sight.

  • You are not guilty.

  • You are in His presence 24/7.

  • You are wiped clean of all sin forever.

  • Your identity is not of sin, but of the Savior.

  • You are worthy and valued.

  • You are approved.

  • You are accepted.

  • You are not hidden from God.

  • You are not condemned by God.

  • God is not angry with you. He loves you endlessly and unconditionally.

  • You have access to complete freedom in Christ.

  • You are made new forever.

  • You are not filthy, but rather you are a light.

  • You are more than enough to be used by God.

You have the choice to walk in this freedom and to leave the chains of guilt, shame, sin-identity, and fear NOW. This is the abundant life that Jesus has provided for us. This is the freedom and weight that the cross carries. All of the dirt of past lives have been nailed to the cross forever. Every lie you have believed about yourself has been nailed on the cross! Do not pick it back up! It’s over, finished forever so we can be free! We will fall from time to time, but what matters is that we turn ourselves back to who God says we are in Him. Change your mind, break those habits, pray for God to reveal His perspective of you! The freedom does mean you can do whatever you want, but that does not mean we take advantage of His grace and selfishness to live a life of dishonor to God. We live a life of honor because of who He is and also because our identity IS Him. Anything outside of honor is not Him and it’s not who we are by nature! That’s the gauge we can set as we live our lives and come back into truth and the truth of who we are. There is no failing in His eyes. There is no lack in His nature. You are fully equipped and called for GOODNESS. Now, go live it out and watch His presence spill over your entire life!

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